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Dr. Carsten Witt


Civil Engineer, Sports Psychologist

Lisbon to Tallinn by foot

„Europe is often bad mouthed and is politically at risk. I know what I have to do to strengthen the idea of a borderless European society and to make this vision tangible: I will set out with Go Europe!.’”





Jakob Sonnenholzner


European Studies

Lisbon to Tallinn by bicycle

“My work experience abroad at a Turkish NGO in Ceşme, extensive travel throughout Europe, and above all my experiences in the field of refugee aid are the crucial factors for my engagement with Go Europe!”






Denise Kley


Merchandising - Marketing and Communication

“Creativity is always limitless and a collective engagement can produce so much. Go Europe! is therefore a wonderful opportunity for me to become active.”





Jorinde Avenarius


Occupational Therapist and Personal Coach, former Greenpeace employee

“After living in an international community in India for almost 12 years, I am now experiencing a Europe with new challenges. I am enthralled by Europe; the diversity of cultures, thoughts, creativity… for which there is relatively small space. Communication, understanding, and respect for each other help master these challenges.”





Maria-João Neves


Primary School and Music Teacher, Singer, Dancer

“I am a part of Go Europe! because I believe in the future of Europe and I want to be a part of the creation of a united and tolerant Europe so that all of our children are raised with European values.”






Paul Hübner & Katharina Lanz


Web Designer etc.

“We named ourselves “Vannomaden”. Since June 2016, we have been travelling on four wheels with our creative office throughout Europe, living and experiencing an open and free continent. We are happy to travel in the name of Go Europe! as international ambassadors and creative leaders."




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