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M.E.G.T. photo diary

Impressions of our great tour across Europe

2nd stage: Since November the 27th we are dicovering country and people in Spain.


1st stage: Portugal 2nd to 26th of November


Carcoboso Agroecológico Fair

2nd & 3rd of December, Carcaboso, Spain

Go Europe! is proud to have been invited to take part in the Carcoboso Agroecológico Fair, which promotes sustainable agriculture and rational land use planning. We believe sustainable land use can only be achieved if the preservation and biodiversity of the whole system are taken into account. Today's generation has the responsability to manage its resources in a way that our quality of life can be shared by all future generations. Please visit the website below for more information about the Municipality of Carcaboso.

Invitation Flyer (pdf)

Off weg go! „Make Europe Greater Tour“ has officially started

On November 2nd, the "Make Europe Greater Tour" started as planned from the Praco do Commercio in Lisbon. Initiator Carsten Witt set off on foot, his son Jakob and friend Max began their tour by bicycle. We are looking forward to the people who are going to join us on various legs of our yearlong Go Europe! tour. Interested? Please contact us!

After much preparation, the organization team finally arrived in Lisbon. The one year M.E.G.T began in the Portuguese capital. A „guarded" street parade, which spanned the region from Praça do Chile to Praça Martim Moniz took place. Maurícia Barreira Neves awaited us, where she performed a dance called „The power of unknown CHAOS“. (Photos: Peralta Rui)

Full of optimism, we started from Munich on October 21st by electric car. Admitted: The journey to Lisbon is not managable on a single day by "normal" car either. Our two drivers, though, finally arrived on October 27th. A lot of frustration, bordering to desperation, was caused by disfunctional, incompatible or missing charging stations along the whole route. Our compensation: beautiful landscapes and - above all - many helpful people. Europe may not yet be ready for smooth electromobility, but it sure is beautiful and full of nice humean beings.

Shaping the future: our vision for a European community centre

The Project: European Meeting Point at the Patarei

Enabling encounters at a place which was once inhabited by horror - to transform the former Patarei prison in the Estonian capital, Tallinn - is the vision of Carsten Witt, the founder of Go Europe!.
The Patarei - built as a Russian sea fortress in 1840 - was used by many regimes as barracks, concentration and work camps, and a prison.
The past few years saw the Patarei open for tourists and residents. It was explored for traces of inhumane history that is still evident everywhere. The Patarei has been used and seen by artists, not just Estonian, as a meeting point and a challenge. At the moment, the fortification is closed due to safety hazards. Many groups have various visions and proposals for the renovation and the future use of the Patarei. And that is exactly where Go Europe! stands: to create a European community centre in the four hectare sized building. Go Europe! is in contact with authorities in Tallinn, to transform the Patarei into a place of congress and openness, and therefore, a symbol of multicultural life in Europe.

The Initiator: Dr. Carsten Witt

Carsten Witt completed an apprenticeship as a steel draftsman before he went on to study civil engineering in Aachen. After graduation, he went onto work part time in Bochum and Leipzig where he started a doctorate in sports psychology.
He entered a new vocation at the Obermenzinger Gymnasium (Obermenzing High School) during the years 2009-2013. Alongside successful projects concerned with the environment, he travelled with school pupils and teachers to various European cities as part of the COMENIUS programme.
Triggered by the question of possible uses for the Patarei complex during a trip to Tallinn in January 2016, he consolidated his diverse experiences into the founding of Go Europe!. 

Project trailer on Youtube
Interview with Carsten Witt
"Patarei comes to life" – documentary about Patarei (Estonian with English subtitles)


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