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We are Go Europe!, an organisation above political lines which is set together out of a pro European team from different generations. The goal we set to ourselves is to promote the two main achievements of european integration - freedom and peace. Furthermore we intend to form, strengthen and empower a european civil society which is able to act in a mature, reasonable and enlighted way.


Dr. Carsten Witt, who initiated the organisation, was born during the Second World War, and then grew up as a distinct European in the postwar period. He experienced Germanys „Wirtschaftswunder“in the '50s, the movement of 1968, the upcoming of the environmental movement in the '80s and, of course, todays digital revolution – always embedded in a world of peace and freedom, the two most outstanding achievements in the European resurgence process after the war.


His aim is to preserve those achivements not only for himself but also for the generations to come and, of course, as many people as possible, Europe needs to be linked with positive vibes, and the people need to get a feel for Europe again. Targeting an European civil society which represents solidarity, equality and humanity, Dr. Carsten Witt, together with two of his sons, launched the project Go Europe!

And this is the reason why:

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Europe and the free world are in danger. Worldwide, radical, authoritarian and fascist regimes and dictatorships are on the rise. And even in Europe, we are more and more often confronted with undemocratic, anti-libertarian and therefore alarming tendencies, some of which are putting the case for the return to national states within the European community.
We have to oppose these attitudes in the strictest possible manner. There is no way to combat nowadays global problems like climate changes, famine and economic crisis, lack of water and resources, economically and religiously motivated wars, terrorism, job losses due to mechanization and digitization or flows of migration by the concept of national states.
In the future it will be of prime importance to establish an institution which is capable to meet those challenges with the one voice of mankind. Obviously we will only have this option if the different cultures and nations of the world agree to be united in their effords and work together at the end of the day.

The path to follow is certainly to pursue the European integration process. There is an urgent need for a grass-root movement out of the civil society which emphatically demands “We want Europe! We want freedom! We want freedom all over the world!” and, at the end, shapes transnational and global policies. It is the only way we can restore the balance between politics, the economy and the civil society as we have known it from former national states. Today, we find ourselfs confronted with a global and uncontrolled economy, which more or less completely dominates both politics and civil society. This is bad for the environment, the society and the people themselves. And it empowers the anti-libertarian movements on this planet and constantly increases the gap between the rich and the poor. We have to do something about it.

Politik - Ökonomie - Zivilgesellschaft



M.E.G.T. –
Make Europe Greater Tour 2017/18

Let's Cross Borders

There is no need to make Europe great. It already is – we just have to make it even greater. For this reason the "M.E.G.T. - Make Europe Greater Tour 2017/18" is going to start from the end of October this year. Starting in Lisbon heading to Tallinn (air-gap: 3.312,49km) while crossing all European countries and their capital cities within just one year, using different means of traveling, e.g. walking, biking, horse-riding, on variing routes, to demonstrate the most impressive achievements of the European unification process.


> More information about M.E.G.T.



Paterei – Manifesto


The Patarei seafort, so far, mostly served rulers as cruel prisons. In this place history and atmosphere condense into the unconditional desire for respect for the European values: Manifesto pro Europe! The specific objective is the establishment and operation of the Patarei prison as a European meeting place for pupils, trainees, students, committed citizens – a MANIFESTO PRO EUROPE 


> More information about Patarei – MANIFESTO PRO EUROPE



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