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Europe is movement


From Lissabon to Tallinn - the last station ant the next step to the future.



Who we are

Go Europe! is a civil society initiative that seeks to inspire people with the values and opportunities of a united Europe. Go Europe! invites you to go on a journey of discovery and interaction, with the chance to speak and listen to people, and realise their visions.

Europe is a region of unrivalled history, culture, and tradition. We want to enable discourse and arouse curiosity by meeting people, bringing them together, and stimulating the exchange of ideas. For this, we will literally “hit the road”!

Make Europe Greater Tour 2017/2018
By feet (original / main-tour)

Using different methods of transportation along various routes, Go Europe! Has organised a trans-European tour starting in Lisbon and finishing in Tallinn. Together, we will experience Europe, foster encounters, and take advantage of open borders.

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Working together

Identity, culture, politics - Europe is more than an economic entity. For many people, the EU means the use of a common currency, open borders, and the world’s largest single market. In recent decades, the idea of Europe has mainly been driven by the field of economics. Profound thinkers such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Mann, Konrad Adenauer, Bruno Kreisky, and Georges Pompidou, visualised more than just one common economic space.

The Pan-European Union was founded after the First World War as a non-party group to strengthen democratic values. Their concern was to advance a political, economic, and militarily unified Europe. Without question, the EU of today has emerged on this foundation of freedom and security. But globalisation is constantly creating new challenges that go far beyond the boundaries of an economically defined Europe and can not be solved within national boundaries. Europe is a fusion of people, their identities, and their cultures.

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For or against?!

The future is open and free to design. Every single moment. What is missing? What needs to be changed? What is the outlook? For every authoritarian and nationalist negative attitude there are endless positive and counteracting actions.

Protesting, bad mouthing and complaining are not viable options. Go Europe! is based on the power of embodiment: general discourse, inspiration, venturing out, and courageously taking risks for what you believe in. Naturally, it is more difficult to achieve this alone. In this sense, Go Europe! is already underway: it is a network of creative commonality regardless of differences. Authoritarian and nationalist tendencies are primarily concerned with partition, dismantlement, and exclusion. Go Europe! responds with openness, immersion, and inclusion.

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